The former Udinese man has fired shots at an ‘imagined’ rival, and it could be the start of something ugly if not well-managed

 By: Sammie Frimpong

It was somewhat unexpected, you know, like that Muhammad Ali jab you never saw coming. But it did come — and it hurt bad.

“I was named as the captain of Black Stars when it reached my turn, so people should wait until my reign is over,” Gyan declared in a recent interview with Accra-based Happy FM, right after announcing a slight tweak in his ain’t-taking-no-penalties-no-more-mummy pledge.

“If God doesn’t make you a king and you crown yourself king,” he added “your reign will be fruitless.”

So, yes, that hurt, but the big question lingers: just who was that jibe aimed at?


Well, Gyan wisely stopped just short of naming his target, but it’s obvious he had some guy in mind…

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