Why God? – Motivation

Last day of last semester was quite unusual. Minutes after ambling away from the serene streets of the University of Ghana, we run into a vehicular traffic in one of its severest forms as we headed toward the National Theatre to catch the first day of a local production by some colleagues of ours. From taxi drivers forcibly switching lanes in those meagre conditions, to revelers tooting their horns indiscriminately in a bid to go God knows where, then street hawkers impudently shoving their wares down our faces, and to beggars muffling beautiful nonsense from the back of the rolled glasses of the air-conditioned cars we were in [yes! I added that because I felt you might need this irrelevant piece of information], the chaos was spelt out and Akwasi – my friend who’d been out of the country for close to a decade – was being served a Ghanaian delight; that which only the hectic rush-hour of Accra life could offer. Bon Arrive!

Visibly tired and having no sense of composure whatsoever, Akwasi tried to regale me with some of his numerous ‘abrokyire’ stories (as f that’s all I cared about). No need to say his sojourn to the States had gone into his head. On and on and on… he kept blabbing on.  Noticing that I wasn’t  particularly interested in whatever he had to share as my incessant nodding in affirmation to everything he says would suggest – and quite frankly all I needed at that point was a quick nap – he decided to hit me close to home just to excite some form of reaction from me.

Jim, he started his nag by saying, ‘have you noticed 7 out every 10 billboards and posters we see along this stretch are either a ‘man of God’ advertising his anointing or a church organizing a Jesus Crusade, convention, revival or anything as corny as those.” An apparent batting of my eyelid to his question wasn’t satisfactory. ‘Do you or do you not notice?’ this time with a firmer press and a higher inflection.

“Woah… relax man! Well… I haven’t noticed … ehn ehn, what’s your point.”

“You see, I don’t know if you understand what really is going on here”

“eerrrm! Not exactly sure I know what you are talking about.”

“The problem as I see it is, our people are lazy thinkers and always resort to some supernatural powers to solve problems which they have on their own free will imposed on themselves thereby falling prey to these thieves who parade themselves as spokespersons of some vague god(s).”

First shot fired! Primary corollary served! My initial response was to try and test the germaneness of his assessment of the situation – as if to say he didn’t know what he was talking about. “Are you telling me you don’t believe in God?” “Why such a condescending tone?” “Why this garrulous attack on those innocent men in cassock?”

Haha…with the benefit of hindsight, I’d say rather unblushingly that I wasn’t prepared for his answers. I saw his eyes light up. Reaching to his back pocket for a handkerchief he’d kept there to wipe off the rheum trogging down his nostrils and re-adjusting himself in his seat with a spontaneous clearing of his throat, he began his mini tirade: “Jim. You?” “For real?” “Do you also believe in those?”…. He said a lot of things [not all of them pleasant] to the tacit diagnosis that I was dumb and not was not capable of any logical reason by subscribing to some dump notion of a vague supernatural being who hasn’t showed up in thousands of years. Critically questioning my intelligence with all the arrogance he could muster. I was theist and my thinking abilities is being put under the lenses. That episode made my eyes moist 😦  Hahaha. One I would never forget.

Fast forward to a few weeks back. After an ill-advised errand to some ghettos in Accra, the worst was yet to happen. Just as I got to the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout still in the process of completing my homeward commute, the heavy clouds registered a few more worry lines on my forehead. And boy did it rain! The heavens let it all down in all its destructive glory. With the driver groping his way through the fog as the rains kept pouring on the windscreens, I had never wished I was on my bed so desperately like then before. It was here alas! Scrolling down my twitter feed cozily on my somehow comfy student bed, the trending topic was one that almost stimulated a reaction from me. Apparently, a girl who hitherto would always be waxing lyrical about how wonderful God had been to her was hinting at a sudden change of heart and was questioning people’s faculties for believing in god.

That struck me hard. Here is yet another fella on yet another day, going on yet another tirade to drive home yet another reason why I was dumb for being theist. I let it slide, refusing to partake in any such undignified show of wit that day. But that second chapter was all the more reason for me to come up with a couple of posts to give a reason or two for the faith I have and that afterall I am very sane.

So in the next series of posts, I will be dealing with just that: why God? – compelling reasons for my faith in Him.

This is one subject I had fought off some quite some time because of the animosity, hostility and disrespect proponents of a world with an intelligent designer behind it suffer.

My skin is still pretty light and anybody desirous of making short-work of my arguments should please come at it with civility and not insulting. I have no desires of impressing anyone but to arrive at the truth as it exists.

I think it will be an exciting journey. Welcome aboard. Cheers!


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