Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë


In 1801, Mr. Lockwood was driven by the often unfriendly mien of his Landlord Heathcliff who lived in the ancient manor of Wuthering Heights – four odd miles away from his house called Thrushcross Grange. This leads to an inquisitorial quest to find out a bit more about his landlord and ends up putting down his findings in his diary courtesy Nelly Dean – Mr. Lockwood’s housekeeper who incidentally had worked at the wuthering Height before. Lockwood’s chronicles in his diary makes the bulk of Wuthering Heights. Nelly recollects living with the Earnshaws at wuthering Heights. They had two children, Hindley and his younger sister Catherine. There’s yet another son, Heathcliff who Mr. Earnshaw had adopted during his sojourn to Liverpool. Mrs. Earnshaw dies shortly, and Mr. Earnshaw’s love for Heathcliff grows even deeper much to the chagrin of his biological son Hindley. Noticing this, Mr. Earnshaw enrolls Hindley to a college just to keep him away. After Mr. Earnshaw dies some three years later, Hindley returns to inherit the manor with his wife Frances and takes his maltreatment of Heathcliff a notch higher. Meanwhile at the Thrushcross Grange, there lived two pampered Children of the wealthy Lintons; Edgar and Isabella. Heathcliff and Catherine visit them with the intention of teasing them but when it was time to go back to Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff had to leave Catherine behind beacause she had sustained a dog bite which would take some five weeks to heal. In the process, Edgar falls in love Catherine and marries her.

Hindley’s wife Frances gives birth to a baby boy names Hareton and dies shortly after. A distraught Hindley takes to alcoholism and gambling afterwards.

Heathcliff goes to foreign land and acquires strange wealth and returns to Wuthering Heights to exact vengeance on all who had offended him. He starts off his grand scheme by lending out huge sums to Hindley to bankroll his drunken lifestyle, plunging into further debts and misery. He later inherits the manor when Hindley dies ad sets out to inherit the Thrushcross Grange as well by marrying Isabella Linton. Isabella then flees to London to bear Heathcliff’s son and names him Linton because of Heathcliff’s cruelty to her. Meanwhile, Catherine dies after giving birth to a daughter and names her Catherine.

Young Catherine later meets a sickly Linton and kicks start a secret love affair entirely through letters. Linton finds he is being forced to marry Catherine just so to inherit the Thrushcross grange – to complete his revenge on Edgar for taking his woman Catherine from him….


Wuthering Heights is a novel based on unrequited love and one man’s quest for revenge. This book details the tense goings on of Heathcliff and Cathy’s relationship and how society keeps them apart and segues into Heathcliff’s motive for revenge on Hindley. Eventually he attains his revenge and then repents for all he has done wrong to get it which eventually allows him to be with the one character in the text that he shows any sort of feeling towards. It is their relationship that builds this novel and is probably why this novel has come to be well loved by everyone.

It is the presentation of and connection to the character of Heathcliff that is the most intriguing part of this novel. He is presented as scruffy, unfortunate, cruel, an outsider and likened to the Devil but it is seems that no matter how badly and satanic that he is characterised as I still feel sympathy for him and could possibly argue that he is one of, if not the only character, that is wronged throughout the entire novel. He has no background and was brought into a family where no one knew him or understood him. After Mr Earnshaw dies, Hindley treats him horrifically and he seeks revenge for this which he devotes the rest of his life to. The way that Heathcliff hears and interprets Catherine’s speech of how she views him is unfortunate but is ultimately why he leaves and comes back as a better man, although his determination for revenge on Hindley overpowers his sense and reasoning.

Most of the narrative is viewed through Lockwood’s perspective of Nelly Dean’s account which leaves the reader with a heavily biased view of events. However, it is through Nelly’s naivety that Brontë can display her main thoughts and ideas and it is through Nelly that we learn of Cathy and Heathcliff’s love. Heathcliff falls in love with her almost as soon as he moves into live with the Earnshaw family and they become close friends through the opening chapters of the novel. However, Catherine chooses to reject Heathcliff and marry Edgar Linton for money instead but eventually Brontë is able to present the two lovers as soulmates that live together in eternity. This, she demonstrates through Heathcliff breaking into her coffin and laying with her. Not only is this one of the main Gothic scenes but it portrays this idea of Heathcliff’s true feelings wanting to be with Cathy forever in eternity.

Bronte’s nested narrative style is clever since we become so immersed in the story we forget who is actually speaking. And to think Nelly actually has a phenomenal memory! Although some will argue that the ending was a bit forced as Emily sought to create a happy ending, you can’t fault the beauty of the writing, the imagery, how the characters are carried throughout the novel. This is a masterpiece and I will highly recommend it.


The Business of Music : The Wiz Way 

Why God? – Motivation

Last day of last semester was quite unusual. Minutes after ambling away from the serene streets of the University of Ghana, we run into a vehicular traffic in one of its severest forms as we headed toward the National Theatre to catch the first day of a local production by some colleagues of ours. From taxi drivers forcibly switching lanes in those meagre conditions, to revelers tooting their horns indiscriminately in a bid to go God knows where, then street hawkers impudently shoving their wares down our faces, and to beggars muffling beautiful nonsense from the back of the rolled glasses of the air-conditioned cars we were in [yes! I added that because I felt you might need this irrelevant piece of information], the chaos was spelt out and Akwasi – my friend who’d been out of the country for close to a decade – was being served a Ghanaian delight; that which only the hectic rush-hour of Accra life could offer. Bon Arrive!

Visibly tired and having no sense of composure whatsoever, Akwasi tried to regale me with some of his numerous ‘abrokyire’ stories (as f that’s all I cared about). No need to say his sojourn to the States had gone into his head. On and on and on… he kept blabbing on.  Noticing that I wasn’t  particularly interested in whatever he had to share as my incessant nodding in affirmation to everything he says would suggest – and quite frankly all I needed at that point was a quick nap – he decided to hit me close to home just to excite some form of reaction from me. Continue reading

Lights, camera, action!

The Daily Commute: From Bridge to Ridge

After a long hiatus, I’m back with a guest commuter today. Very briefly, he’s got to be one of the best wordsmiths I know on Twitter! Dela Kobla Nyamuame is a poet and a keen observer of Ghanaian life. One thing, don’t gbaa around him, or he’ll find the wittiest way to expose you. Please comment, share, read his blog and follow him @Amegaxi.



It had been your typical trotro trip on the Spintex Road, slowly cooked in a sardine tin on wheels. China phones had been doing their thing, ringing too long and too loud. Mixed with the cries of babies sweltering in the heat, it was all very unbearable. It felt good to have the blood find its way to my legs once again. Turning my neck to massage the cramps that were forming there, my weak legs almost gave way when I saw…

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Sulley muntari – our heroic supervillain

Permit me to start this by saying I have heard a lot of ridiculous things in Ghanaian football. I couldn’t help trying to avoid a guffaw when Sulley muntari’s mum, Hajia Kande declared, “No sulley Muntari, No Blackstars”

And wait a minute, was there any Ghanaian who did not roar with laughter when it was reported that a referee was caught officiating a division one game with a huge amount of money stacked in his hose?

But nothing, I repeat Nothing, has ever amused me quite as much as reports which came from Brazil that Sulley Muntari launched an ‘unprovoked physical attack’ on Black stars’ management committee member Moses Armah at their hotel base in the build up to Ghana’s final group game against Portugal at the 2014 world cup in Brazil.

Unprovoked physical attack? Ha ha ha ha……

Cristiano Ronaldo and his team mates could barely squeeze in a smile when the referee called time on a not too exciting game between Portugal and Ghana. 2 – 1 Portugal. The final score! And the shame and ignominy that had beclouded the Blackstars , a few days after getting the world waxing lyrical about their excellent display against eventual champions Germany, had gone a full circle.

S-H-A-M-E were presumably the most abused set of keys on every journo who cared to report on team Ghana after the episode’s keyboard.

The haunting images of $3m being flown to Brazil and carted in a bullion van to the team hotel, disturbing images of players kissing various sums in cash, gory reports of players’ disquiet and brawls had succeeded in turning the world and its critical lenses on Ghana – the narratives were not one that will leave any Ghanaian laughing.

A nation’s hopes have been dashed.

We’d become the butt of ridicule to world. Meanwhile, in Accra and other parts of Ghana, tempers where gradually building up to unhealthy levels. There was a general feeling of betrayal as they only outlet many banked their hopes on to bring some respite in the face of dwindling economic fortunes and crippling inconsistencies in power supply had brought anything but joy.

On these ungrateful stars, many swore, God himself would wreak vengeance. Their actions and inactions had brought us pain.

Unprovoking provocations

Sulley Ali Muntari had been with the Blackstars for a long time and one never to shy away from the headlines. He seems to love the headlines and the headlines love him. Having been in and out of the national team few times already of various reasons – from falling out with Milovan Rajevac to exhibiting gross insubordination and petulance against Kwesi Appiah in a Maseru Lesotho when the latter decide to substitute him midway through the game – the court of public opinion were quick to adjudicate and pronounce judgement on him when details started emerging from Brazil.

Sulley Muntari again? A lot of people were already deriding him as a mercenary when in fact the situation on our hands was slightly more nuanced.

After putting in two solid shifts in Ghana’s opening two games at the mundial – arguably the best individual performance by an African at a FIFA world cup – Sulley Muntari decided to set the cats amongst the pigeons and demanded bonuses and emoluments due to the players. A gesture which stemmed from the fact that there had been a plethora of unfulfilled promises as to when and how they were going to get their appearance fees. The players were running out of patience.

Where were the monies? Why soo many unfulfilled promises? When were they going to be paid?

Why were there in his, as we’ve come to understand, not too humble opinion too many people with an antibiosis relationship with around the team. Feeding fat off the sweat of the main actors when they [players] haven’t been given their due yet?

Indeed, the questions were many and pointing. And like a molten magma under the belly of a dormant mountain, the players’ grumblings were building up and threatening to explode and it eventually did courtesy the cats’ whiskers – Sulley Muntari.

Angst. Pain. Regret. Questions. More questions. Tempers flared and in the ensuing fisticuffs proved to be the can of worms that in a long chain of events eventually led to the setting up of an inquisitorial commission to dig out all there is to know about Ghana’s 2014 world cup participation.

The revelations have been chilling and it is promising to leave in its wake a presaging sense of direction in public discourse going forward with regards to our how our Blackstars get prepared for future tournaments.

Never mind Sulley Muntari’s reputation has been plunged further. Never mind this episode has been added to his already uncomplimentary history of insubordination. Never mind till date, no action has been taken against the other party in the fight.

Has he been vindicated now? Was his indiscipline worth our while? Would all these revelations from the Justice Dzamefe commission report have gone unnoticed if Sulley had not intervened?

For all I have come to know…. Give me Sulley Muntari any day!