where is God when it hurts?

“if only this toothache would go, i would write another chapter on pain”

– C S Lewis

Your world is dark and safe.
You are bathed in warm liquid;
Cushioned from all shocks.
You do nothing for yourself
You are fed automatically; a murmuring heartbeat,
Assures you somebody larger than you fulfills all your needs.

Your life consists of simple waiting.
You are not sure what you are waiting for
But any change seems far away and scary
You meet no sharp objects; no pain, no threatening adventures,
A fine existence indeed.

Then one day, all of a sudden you feel a thud
The walls are falling in on you
Those soft cushions are pulsing and beating against you
Crushing you downwards.
Your body is bent double,
Your limbs twisted and wrenched
You’re falling upside down
For the first time in your life, you are feeling pain
You are in a sea of roiling matter.
There is more pressure; almost too intense to bear!

Your head is squeezed flat.
And you are pushed harder
Harder! into a dark tunnel
Ooooh! The Pain!
More pressure!
You are hurt all over
You hear a groaning sound and an awful sudden fear rushes in on you…

It is happening!
Your world is collapsing.
You are sure it is the end.
Then all of a sudden,
You see a piercing, blinding light
A cold rough hand spools at you
A painful slap,
A conspiratorial wink from God…
And woah!

You’ve just been BORN!!!


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